WOUND UP.  Stressed out.  Overwhelmed. Anxious. powerless.

All too common words used to describe how we feel on a daily basis… It’s true…life is stressful. But inside our bodies is a natural mechanism for unwinding tension and restoring balance.

TRE ® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) is an innovative approach to managing and mitigating the effects of stress in your body and in your life.

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises ®
TRE ® is a revolutionary approach to releasing deeply held tension that has accumulated in the body.
Let Go of Stress
Our nervous systems are designed to self-regulate by shaking off the impact of stress and trauma like footprints washing away in sand.
Release chronic muscular holding patterns locked in the body.
Find Your Center
Re-establish your personal grounding and cultivate emotional resilience.
Restore Balance
A well-regulated nervous system leads to a quieter mind and a clearer outlook on life.
Rediscover Flow
TRE ® helps us connect with our bodies in a new way, experiencing them as vibrant, intelligent, and pulsating with life.

TRE® : Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises,

an Introduction with Jessica Schaffer

What people are saying…

  • I have Mastocytosis, which has caused me to suffer migraines, head-aches, bone pain, and intestinal  problems for over 50 years.  Gradually, my physical ailments are going away.  As a bonus, I have been slowly losing weight. --L.C.

  • TRE has given me an easily accessible way relieve the pressure and stress that I confront in my daily life.  After practicing TRE, I find myself thinking more clearly and am able to make better decisions. TRE is better than a nap! --Pam J.

  • I'm 64 years old and am a traveling salesperson, driving up to 85,000 mi per year.  My shoulder & neck stress pain at times is so intense I can't sleep or it is a constant nag to my overall well being.  TRE [tremors] seem to want to travel right to my upper body and neck working in a rhythm which over time now is giving me increasingly more days of comfort. With a terrific work load and schedule I have found even a 5 min. session on a hotel bed can do the trick and help me thru the day. --A.C.

  • I have found TRE to be a simple effective way to reduce my body's tension. When I do it I have less headaches, stress-induced high blood pressure and anxiety. --Liz Greenhill, LAc

  • I found TRE perfect for me, user-friendly and effective.  I felt the impacts almost immediately.   Both nervous tension and muscle tension are reduced.   My knees, back, shoulders, neck all benefit.  TRE is part of my meditation time and it helps meditation immensely. --Cecile P.

  • TRE has had a profound  impact on me. The things I used to get worked up about have softened, my anxiety has decreased and my outlook on life has improved. It's like  a natural happy pill.  I look forward to my continued practice and long term benefits. I highly recommend this class. --Charlene Willett

  • When I came to Jessica for TRE, I had suffered from several years of severe low back tension with nerve involvement that only seemed to worsen with most types of therapy.  The extraordinary release that I experienced with TRE was the final step to feeling 100%.  My chiropractor was also astounded by the physical elongation and movement in my spine after starting TRE.  Thanks to Jessica and TRE, I am more comfortable in my body than I have been in years! --Dana

  • TRE is life affirming, empowering, and peaceful in its essence. For the first time I can remember, I have found refuge in my own body. TRE feels so enjoyable that it is easy to incorporate it into my busy life. I feel grateful with the subtle profound results, my body now knows ease. -- J.Corriere

  • TRE has resulted in a more predictable sleep pattern as well as the ability to not be so readily triggered by old stressors. I feel it compliments my meditation and yoga practices and I appreciated learning this technique from someone with a background in healing as diverse and deep as Jessica’s. --Maureen M.

  • Since my first TRE session, I feel calmer, sleep better, and am more able to be present in the moment. My emotional eating and background anxiety have evaporated. I wish everybody could acquire this natural, relaxing technique for releasing tension! --Barbara S.


Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises ®. A gentle and effective approach to releasing deeply held tension. TRE ® can be learned in private sessions or in group classes.

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Understanding Stress

Our bodies are designed to manage occasional stressors and bring them to swift resolution. Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises ® can help.


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